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Happy Campers Travel Blog | May 25, 2019

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The Ultimate Icelandic Music Playlist

The Ultimate Icelandic Music Playlist
Thorsteinn Sverrisson (Thor)

I admit it; I’m a pretty big music nerd. You would think that when you’re from a country with a population of only 320,000, most of my music would come from foreign artists. Of course that’s the case, but still, a great portion of all my playlists consists of Icelandic music. In fact, my favorite band of all time is Icelandic (Sigur Rós). Considering the size of this country, Iceland has an impressive number of talented/popular artists who are getting international attention. Björk, Sigur Rós, and of Monsters and Men lead the way, but other smaller artists are not far behind when it comes to music quality.

I’ve been preparing a CD to give to my non-Icelandic friends, and I thought I’d share my ultimate Icelandic music CD. I should warn you that my taste in music tends to favour ambient, electronic, folk and alternative music, but a lot of popular Icelandic music falls within those genres, so it works out. Happy listening!

I sing I swim – Seabear
Green Grass of Tunnel – Múm
For Now I am Winter – Ólafur Arnalds
Kolniður – Jónsi
Poke a Pal – Mugison
I’ll Drown – Sóley
Dirty Paws – Of Monsters and Men
(8)/Popplagið – Sigur Rós
I’ve Seen it All – Björk
Þú Komst við Hjartað í Mér – Hjaltalín
Look at the Light – Sin Fang
Ladyshave – Gus Gus
Sunny Road – Emiliana Torrini
Heimförin (Going Home) – Ásgeir Trausti
Vor í Vaglaskógi – Kaleo
Tenderloin – Tilbury
Qween – Retro Stefson
Salt – Mammút
Svefn-G-Englar – Sigur Rós
Afgan – Bubbi Morthens
Hjá Þér – Sálin Hans Jóns Míns
Breathe – Leaves
Musick – Maus
Arpeggiator – Ensími
You can fit 24 songs on a CD, right? This playlist is all over the place, but at least you’re getting a little taste of everything. Some songs are recent, others are my favorite from when I was a teenager. Hope you enjoy!



  1. I approve 🙂

  2. Hey! How I can listen it? We are going there this autumn 🙂

  3. Great playlist! I just made the cd using ‘free youtube to mp3 converter’, will come in handy when we’re driving the happy camper next week!

  4. Music’s not like becoming a doctor, who can walk into a community and find people who need him. Music is just wandering love in search of a word.

  5. Rodrigo

    AMAZING playlist!! cheers from Mexico!